The space is Kopitiam in the Lower East Side, a casual cafe bringing Nyona cuisine to New York. We chatted with the owner and head chef, Kyo Pang, on the relationship between food, place, and memory, and its impact on the establishment of Kopitiam.

  1. BISKIT's Journey into SPACE: A Reflection on India's Space Odyssey

    As ISRO's Chandrayaan 3 achieves what no other mission has accomplished before - conquering the uncharted frontiers of the high latitude, near polar region of the Moon, four artworks from our "SPACED OUT” concept pay homage to India's space odyssey.

  2. The First Indian Astronaut: The Story of Rakesh Sharma's 1984 mission and the artworks that it inspired

    As Chandrayaan 3 completes a historic first-ever landing near the Moon's south pole, the moment seems ripe to revisit the captivating story of Rakesh Sharma’s 1984 mission, which not only hooked us into exploring the concept of SPACE but also undeniably acted as the catalyst that fuelled India’s ambitions, propelling it to this significant juncture in its space journey.

  3. Elements That Inspired Our MIND Journey

    I only know one thing, and that is I know nothing The Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames was a video inspired by the book Cosmic View: The Univ...
  4. BISKIT x AAGUU: Redefining Ravewear In India

     Photographer: Pretika Menon The collaboration between Biskit and Aaguu aims to redefine ravewear in India. With a primary focus on functionality,...


  1. In Conversation with Min Liu

    NEW YORK Exploring Creative Shifts: Min Liu on Artistic Evolution and Transition Transition, a time of blurred lines and greater ideas that require...
  2. In Conversation with Laura Martinova

    BERLIN, GERMANY  We collaborated with Photographer/Directress Laura Martinova to create a photo series for some of our pieces from our new collecti...
  3. In Conversation with Mizuchi

    BOMBAY + BOSTON We caught up with Varun Kapadia AKA Mizuchi - an artist, producer, creative director, and founder of his streetwear label, YV stree...
  4. In Conversation with Adrienne Lipson

    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL We caught up with Adrienne Lipson, a contemporary dancer currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel to talk to her about her creative...

At BISKIT we believe in creating a world where the gender of clothes are not pre-determined by the industry. We want to give the choice back to YOU to decide what you feel comfortable wearing. 

 In this on-going series, we will be featuring a man and woman photographed together wearing the same BISKIT pieces. Each story will bring together two cool, talented, and inspiring individuals who share a slice of what inspires them, their go-to tunes and some of their favorite places to hang out in their cities! 


  1. Manpreet + Arjun


    BANGALORE, INDIA   What do you do? What inspired you to pursue the path you are in right now? MANPREET KAUR: I’m a fashion stylist and art director...
  2. Tarini + Anant

    by Harsha Biswajit

    NEW DELHI, INDIA We caught up with the creative minds behind ‘The Irregulars Art Fair' in their super cool warehouse style space at Studio Khirki....
  3. Lilya + Alex

    by Harsha Biswajit

    BROOKLYN, NEW YORK   What are your names, and where are you from? My name is Liliya Kalkamanova and I am from Russia but I am mixed heritage - I'm ...
  4. Sam + Sara


    ROME, ITALY SAMUEL BATISTA + SARA MORSILLO   What are your names, and where are you from? We are Samuel Batista and Sara Morsillo and we come fro...


On Mind Notes, we document conversations, ideas, communities, concepts. We archive the present view our minds shape up. We make note.

  1. Navigating Impulses: A Conversation with Brant Zheng

    NEW YORK  We caught up with Brant Zheng, a drama and theater student at New York University, for a cup of coffee as we discussed the meanings of el...
  2. Kyo Pang's Kopitiam: Brewing Coffee, Building Community

    NEW YORK  It’s Tuesday, the middle of the morning. A line of people huddle inside, waiting to order and escaping the thunderstorm all at once. Fam...
  3. Meetra Javed: Exploring Diversity, Identity, and Memory in Film

    NEW YORK The light that comes from perspective is one that’s always shifting around the sphere in New York, and we got to talk about such stories w...
  4. Journey Through Shrey’s Lens: Filmmaking, Culture, Art in a One-room Gallery

    NEW YORK Closed in the Bushwick Triangle, right by the M train making its presence known, we speak with Shrey Mendiratta. The owner of Westlab + Ga...


  1. Rome Food Guide

    Rome. Let’s get the basics right. There are 4 classic Roman pastas: Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana, and Gricia.You need to eat all of them. ...
  2. New York City Guide

    Photo by Harsha Biswajit New York does not disappoint. New York is so good when its good, but can also be so bad when its bad. After 8 years of ex...
  3. Barcelona Coffee Guide

    Satan’s Coffee Corner Satan's Coffee Corner is a specialty coffee shop in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. It was founded by Marcos Bartolomé, a we...
  4. Berlin Food Guide

    Hallesches Haus A cute little café for brunch with coffee, wine, and food. It’s well-lit with an industrial design and has an open space with a sup...

Granola is a digital magazine consisting of art, design, music, photography, technology or other sweeteners such as contemporary culture, and sometimes puffed rice, that is usually baked until it is crisp, toasted and golden brown.

During the baking process, the mixture is stirred to maintain a rich inspiring consistency. Ingredients such as travel and outdoors, architecture and confections such as books are sometimes added.

Granola is carried by people who are adventurous, creative-minded, or aspirational because it is nutritious, lightweight, high in calories, and easy to store. 

Note: Granola, particularly if it includes BISKIT seeds, is often used to stimulate the senses and improve creativity.