Rome Food Guide

Rome Food Guide

Rome. Let’s get the basics right. There are 4 classic Roman pastas: Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana, and Gricia.
You need to eat all of them. And then finish with a Gelato. As we said, the basics.


1. Roscioli Ristorante Salumeria 

Eating in a salumeria is an elevated experience. Surrounded 360 degrees with rows of the best meats & cheese while you are enjoying your own meat and cheese plate. The best view.



2. Antico Forno Roscioli

Another gem from the Roscioli family just down the street from the salumeria. Pizza OR Focaccia? Please chose wisely and get both. Hint: Pizza Bianca Mortadella.




3. La Canonica ‑ Rione ‑ Trastevere

This is where we met Amatriciana for the first time. And never looked back.




4. Nannarella

Both owned by the same family, the question is usually Tonnarello vs. Nanarella? Some say one or the other, others say neither (too much “hype”). But we say BOTH. We like to make our own decisions. And we recommend you do too. Stay tuned for the verdict.




5. Tonnarello

The verdict (we don’t believe in suspense). The winner is Tonarello. In the Carbonara taste test, T’rello was just a bit creamer, cheesier, Guanciali‑er.




6. Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa'

Its okay to have a beer in between all the pasta eating and vino drinking. Add some people watching in Trastevere, and this is your place.




7. Bar San Calisto

When a good bar turns a nice square into a great square. Also, you can watch the queue at Nannarella right next door getting longer and longer.




8. Otaleg Trastevere

Can you even call it a “Rome List” if there is no gelato rec? Here it is. Also ‑ Sure, gelato is a “personal choice”. But deep down inside, we all know it’s only Pistachio and Chocolate. And nothing in between.