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  1. BISKIT's Journey into SPACE: A Reflection on India's Space Odyssey

    As ISRO's Chandrayaan 3 achieves what no other mission has accomplished before - conquering the uncharted frontiers of the high latitude, near polar region of the Moon, four artworks from our "SPACED OUT” concept pay homage to India's space odyssey.

  2. The First Indian Astronaut: The Story of Rakesh Sharma's 1984 mission and the artworks that it inspired

    As Chandrayaan 3 completes a historic first-ever landing near the Moon's south pole, the moment seems ripe to revisit the captivating story of Rakesh Sharma’s 1984 mission, which not only hooked us into exploring the concept of SPACE but also undeniably acted as the catalyst that fuelled India’s ambitions, propelling it to this significant juncture in its space journey.