New York City Guide

New York City Guide

Photo by Harsha Biswajit

New York does not disappoint. New York is so good when its good, but can also be so bad when its bad. After 8 years of exploring the city, eating and drinking, crying when we encounter the bad, crying more when we find that good, here is what made New York so good for us, and we are pretty sure it will for you too. We do not disappoint.

Disclaimer: This list may or may not be heavily biased towards Brooklyn, because everything is always on point in Greenpoint. Also, we love asian food.



There is a lot of pizza in this city, but there is only ONE Roberta’s pizza. If there’s a line for the restaurant and you don’t want to wait (the wait is worth it though), get a spot in their sunny backyard and order pizza from their takeout window. Important: Do not forget the chili oil. Must have chili oil.



New York is 1/3 Food, 1/3 Coffee and 1/3 Cocktails. Westlight has got the cocktails covered and with some epic views. Rooftop bar in New York, seems pretentious, but its on the list because it is good.




Hall & Biergarten Brick walls, communal tables, pretty solid mussels in white wine sauce, bratwurst ‑ and many great 1L beers to be had here. Drink up here and then get a late night lamb tagine at Cafe Mogador around the corner.




New York City Chinatown Mixologists. When you hear that word, you know it’s most likely good. And it is ‑ Classy cocktails, and perfectly situated in China Town. Head over to Great NYC Noodle Town to get some carbs in before you head home (and at 3AM there you’ll see that there are many who had the same idea).



Somtum Der NYC

One Michelin Star for this northern Thai restaurent. Papaya salad, marinated pork and sticky coconut rice skewers and larb.. to start please. Tip: Don’t go asking for “Thai Spice”, if you “think” you can handle it. Mistake made. Thai spice one is infact the mother of spice.



USA Green plants snaking their way through the brick walls, sunlight streaming in and the aroma of Columbian coffee. One of the prettier coffee places we have been to (and we have been to a lot).



Di An Di

They do everything well. Food, cocktails, ambience, everyone always smiling. Just perfect. Get the vietnamese pizza to start with ‑ fancy golden scissors.




Honest truth, never been to Japan until recently so not going to pretend we knew if this was authentic ramen. But. We know when something tastes good. And this is it. We have, on multiple occasions gone straight to Ichiran from the airport because we are in fact Ramen Heads (this is also the title of a documentary worth watching). Also a very cool traditional dining experience.



Birds of A Feather

Spicy Cumin Lamb. Fried Rice. Mic Drop.



McNally Jackson Books

McNally Jackson Books ‑ Pitstop during your mandatory Soho shopping (or window shopping) day.



The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York There is always so much to see, learn and feel at the Met. One hot tip: after you get some culture, head over to the rooftop and get a drink. Its not well known, so the rooftop is usually not so crowded.



Five Leaves

We are drooling while we write this. The ricotta butter is the best invention of all mankind. After here, head over to McCarren Park so you can stare at the skies while you lay down after that excellent brunch.



Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Almost every meal in and around Williamsburg or Greenpoint has ended with a stop at Van Leeuwen. Remember ice cream stomach is a separate stomach. Top 3 flavors: Honeycomb, Pistachio and Dark Chocolate.



Katz's Delicatessen

Best pastrami sandwich on the entire universe. And beyond.