Barcelona Coffee Guide

Barcelona Coffee Guide

Satan’s Coffee Corner

Satan's Coffee Corner is a specialty coffee shop in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. It was founded by Marcos Bartolomé, a well-known figure in the city's coffee scene. It’s probably one of our favourite places to work from in Barcelona. Located in Casa Bonay, a boutique hotel, you can get your coffee from Satans and go into their wild lounge ‘The Libertine’ where you can easily transition into cocktails when the time is right.

The shop has gained a reputation for its high-quality coffee and minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on showcasing the natural flavours of the beans they use. They offer a rotating selection of single-origin coffees, as well as espresso-based drinks and pastries.

// Good for working with your laptop //


Café Fosc

Located inside MOB, a cool co-working spot near Arc de Triumph, Café Fosc is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 50 years. It’s a great place to meet the creative and entrepreneurial community of Barcelona and to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. They offer a variety of coffee, including espresso, cappuccino, and café con leche, as well as hot chocolate and tea.

Overall, good vibes, great people. The bowls for lunch are a must try they are heavenly + healthy.

// Good for working with your laptop //


Roast Club

Café Roast Club is a speciality coffee shop at the heart of Eixample. With a focus on specialty coffee and innovative drinks, Roast Club offers a range of homemade cakes, sandwiches, bowls, and cold-pressed juices. The exceptional service is both efficient and welcoming, making the experience a whole lot better.

In addition to amazing coffee and food, Roast Club is also pet-friendly, allowing customers to bring their pup along. If you’re looking for great coffee that never misses, we highly recommend you drop this place a visit that it deserves.


Three Marks Coffee

Three Marks Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery and café located in the Gracia district. They source high-quality coffee beans from around the world and roast them in-house to perfection. In addition to its exceptional coffee, Three Marks also has a good spread of homemade pastries, sandwiches, and other small bites to pick up with your coffee.

The café itself is minimalist, modern, super spacious, and with an atmosphere that is perfect for studying, working, or catching up with friends. Whether you're a coffee lover or simply looking for a spot to unwind, Three Marks Coffee is worth checking out.


Syra Coffee – Poblenou

Another cool coffee shop located at ITNIG, a tech focused co-working spot in Barcelona. Syra has some of the best coffee in town, mostly due to the quality of coffee beans that are sourced from some of the top producers in the world and diligence in taking care of all the phases of the process: from the moment there is a harvest to the coffee being served to the customers.

The space is super minimalistic, and it’s another great place to meet the entrepreneurs and other creatives from the city.

// Good for working with your laptop //


Nømad Coffee Lab&Shop

Probably the most famous name in the Barcelona coffee scene, Nømad Lab&Shop is located in the charming passage Sert in El Born. A place of coffee worship, the Lab is the perfect place for anyone looking to discover and experiment with coffee and its different preparation methods.

With a paired down and elegant design, coffee takes centre stage behind their impressive bar that defines this modern space. If you’re around the area, drop this place a visit.


Robot House Barcelona

Robot House is a Specialty Coffee shop and a healthy Farm-to-Table food space in the neighbourhood of Eixample. Apart from good coffee, they have a variety of food based on traditional Catalan dishes with a twist, and some other dishes with fresh vegetables, cereals, and other seasonal products sourced from local farms.

The space is designed to encourage creativity and interdisciplinary thinking – and it’s a great space to interact with different people about innovative project or to be a part of their creative community.

// Good for working with your laptop //


LOT Roasters

An amazing space that buys coffee and cocoa beans from Peru, roasts them, and makes wonderful coffee and chocolate bars out of them.

Drop a visit, buy yourself a great cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate and enjoy the rest of your day.