In Conversation with Laura Martinova

In Conversation with Laura Martinova


We collaborated with Photographer/Directress Laura Martinova to create a photo series for some of our pieces from our new collection Electrical Impulses. The idea was to capture the essence of Berlin summer and to show our pieces through Laura’s lens using a film camera.

We asked her some questions about her work, her process and her life in Berlin.


BISKIT: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

LAURA MARTINOVA: I’m a Photographer and Directress from Barcelona. I studied cinema and audio-visual communication in UPF (Barcelona) and FAMU (Prague). I have been working as a freelance Directress and Photographer since 2014, focusing in fashion, documentary, advertising and short films.

 Mathilda wearing our Berlin top


BISKIT: How would you describe your work, and who would you say has inspired them?

LAURA MARTINOVA: I get inspiration from every artist I worked with in the past, including casting directors, photographers, musicians, producers, editors… I also love art and get much inspiration from photography, painting, films and every kind of art form. I think my work could be described as dynamic, ethereal and beautiful in a way that tries to be different from mainstream tendencies in advertising.

 Mathilda in our Spinal Cord Shirt and Axon Trousers


BISKIT: Tell us about your personal style, how important it is to you, and how it relates to your brand as a photographer.

LAURA MARTINOVA: When I'm working I like to be natural, spontaneous and aware. I like to leave one door open to improvisation and unexpected events. Even if I always have a very detailed script or moodboard, I like to catch the beauty of some very special moments that no one can really predict.

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BISKIT: We'd love to know your thought process, and what tools/equipment you use to capture your favourite moments. In essence, what makes your work YOU? 

LAURA MARTINOVA: Every project I work with is different and I like to use different cameras and formats depending on what we want to achieve. My favorite tool is always film because its special texture and the way it’s processed. When using film you really need to think of every take you do because there is a limited amount and every second is important. I like its beautiful texture. Working on the color and texture is an essential part of the process. I like to create colorful, beautiful, honest pictures and films.

 Berlin Top details 


BISKIT: What are your favourite spots in and around Berlin?

LAURA MARTINOVA: My favourite spot in Berlin is Tempelhofer feld. I really enjoy going there for a walk in summer, looking at the sheeps and taking pictures with friends. In winter I’d rather go to Vabali, because I really enjoy the sauna and atmosphere there.

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