Elements That Inspired Our MIND Journey

Elements That Inspired Our MIND Journey

I only know one thing, and that is I know nothing

The Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames was a video inspired by the book Cosmic View: The Universe in Forty Jumps by Kees Broke. It takes us on an adventure in magnitudes. Starting at a picnic by the lakeside, the video transports us to the outer edges of the universe. Every ten seconds we view the starting point from ten times farther out until our galaxy becomes only a speck among the cosmos. As we return to Earth, we move into inner space, into the hand of the picnicer with ten times more magnification every ten seconds until we are inside a proton of a carbon atom within a DNA molecule in a white blood cell. 

After our journey exploring the concept of outer space through Spaced Out, we were faced with the pandemic, which was a period of introspection. Without having the freedom to step out, we lived a digital life that was slowly frying our brains and we needed to make a conscious effort to disconnect. The Powers of Ten influenced our journey, allowing us to move inwards and explore our inner universe, our MIND. 

Different elements from the MIND collection were influenced by different forms of media, books and podcasts. For example, inspired by the 90’s game Jezz Ball, we invented The Thought Catcher. Our Thought Catcher is a fictional inner being found in the Biskit Universe that bursts into action when our minds are at their most restless. The bouncing balls in the game represent our minds racing from thought to thought and the thought catcher catches them with the palm of its hands as they materialize to bring us back to the present. Just like in the game, the more we allow the balls to multiply, the more chaotic our minds become. 

We then went on to create our four part limited edition series - See The Unseen. This limited series took inspiration from Neville Goddard's lectures, where we let go of our multi-sensory world relying on our five senses to follow our intuition to enter a new dimension. Exploring Neville Goddard’s fourth dimensional thinking where he says it’s not only that imagination has created reality, but that imagination CREATES reality. The DNA of what was invented and created in imagination is very much still within the products that we feel, hear and touch.


The See The Unseen series cements the belief that we must make a conscious effort to consume and produce only positive energy. To harness the positive within and expel the negative outwards. 

While researching different philosophers and their philosophies like existentialism, nihilism, solipsism, we ended up at the Subconscious Mind Mastery podcast listening to Dawson Church, a scientist, talk about his book Mind to Matter. In the book, he explains how our minds create matter and how different intentions produce different material creations. Our intentions and energy fields we cultivate in our minds condition atoms and molecules around us, allowing us to trace the chain from thought to thing, and our intentions to the material world. He continues his thought by explaining how our consciousness is somehow universal, not individual and that the entire universe may be self-aware. 



This book also explores brain waves produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other in the human brain. The different frequencies created correspond to the various states of thought or experience that we flow in and out of throughout the day. The five main types of states explained in the book are – Awake, Peak, Dream, Deep-Sleep, and Meditative. You can tune into these frequencies to achieve desired states by listening to Binaural Beats and by tuning into the earth’s frequency (Schumann Resonance). 

Creative Director Harsha Biswajit created a six part series, depicting these states - plus a sixth state, arguably the most desired state, the BISKIT STATE. These prints are also part of our frequency pieces under MIND I. 

This book pushed us in this direction of thought that allowed us to explore his work from our perspective. Through Electrical Impulses (MIND II), we continued to expand on our mind, diving deep to find our inner universe - the discovery of how cellular information from sensory neurons transmitted to our brain reflect our dreams, instinct, thoughts, feelings, and memory. 

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Text by Nandini Nachiar