BISKIT x AAGUU: Redefining Ravewear In India

BISKIT x AAGUU: Redefining Ravewear In India

 Photographer: Pretika Menon

The collaboration between Biskit and Aaguu aims to redefine ravewear in India. With a primary focus on functionality, the custom look embodies Aaguu’s distinctive style and Biskit’s design aesthetics. The aim was to establish a new standard in this unexplored domain and foster a cultural movement through their shared passions for music, design, and fashion. The custom look presents a nostalgic and familiar design that has been reimagined for present and future raves. 

 When AAGUU flew down to Chennai to work on an idea for his look with Biskit co-founder Shruti, they stumbled upon a sofa fabric store where they found black and grey vegan leather. That fabric became the foundation of our idea to create a leather jacket that transcends mere clothing and becomes a wearable art piece. We envisioned a modular design with detachable sleeves and cut-out paneling, incorporating Biskit's signature aesthetic, complemented by a cropped fit he jokingly called "the Aaguu fit."

The Vegan Leather Jacket showcases Biskit's distinctive piping details and features zippers that allow the sleeves to be removed, transforming it into a sleeveless jacket. This piece is paired with custom recycled denim trousers and our Cellular Top from our latest collection, Electrical Impulses.



About AAGUU: 

DJ / Music Producer Aashish Gupta also known as AAGUU began his music journey in 2010 and since then continues to explore the dance music scene out of his appreciation for the undercuts of early electronic music. In 2018, Aashish found himself following the path of music to Berlin, where he evolved into AAGUU and has since performed at festivals and clubs across Europe, India and South East Asia, exploring his musical roots while discovering his passion for the sounds of the ʼ90s and early 2000s.

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