Biskit and GodWillSaveUs - an event production and creative agency based in Milan - collaborated on an exclusive, techno-culture inspired bag titled '24H' that we launched during a 3-day pop-up in Milan. The pop-up acted as the launch for Biskit's latest collection, "Electrical Impulses" which continues the brand's exploration of the human mind and our inner universe, which was also on view for all 3 days.

The 24H Bag is the ultimate accessory for ravers and music festival-goers, combining minimalism and functionality in a futuristic, durable design. Biskit has been experimenting with the music scene in Berlin and India since its inception and sees techno at the heart of the brand. This common ground was the foundation for the collaboration with GodWillSaveUs and represents the intersection of fashion, art, and music culture that both brands strive for.

The pop-up was kick-started with an exclusive invite-only opening party on the 16th of February, 2023 in an underground location in the heart of the city bringing together DJs and visual artists from Berlin and Milan. We also had an open DJ console for the rest of the pop-up where young artists signed up to showcase their work to a new audience.

It’s now time to let you in on our experience at the opening party and the pop-up over 3 days!

Our Electrical Impulses pieces displayed at the pop-up


Karthika Varma in our Cellular Top (black) from our new collection 


Friend of Biskit in our 24H Raver bag (black)