Magnetic Fields 2022

Magnetic Fields 2022

Biskit put up tent in the desert at Magnetic Fields 2022, India's biggest electronic music festival which happened at Alsisar, Rajasthan.

We designed an exclusive capsule collection to celebrate this occasion and sold all our new pieces along with our older collections at the festival. Being a part of Magnetic Fields allowed us to meet a lot of people from different creative fields and we truly had a great time.

To top it off, we were a part of some amazing sets played by some of the best artists from across the world. Some of the sets we were lucky enough to catch live were Four Tet, Hessle Audio (with Ben UFO, Pangaea, and Pearson Sound), Young Marco, Kohra, and HVOB to name a few.

Now that we're back with an active internet connection, it's time for us to let you in on our experience at the festival.

Biskit tent at Magnetic fields 2022, Rajasthan.

Our theme for the festival was to send good energy to everyone. We designed our MF capsule collection and the side banners for our tent with this theme in mind

Our mini raver bags, water bag, and hats on display to festival goers at Magnetic fields, 2022
Co-founder Shruti Biswajit and friend of Biskit Karthika Varma wearing our Consciousness Shirt at Aaguu’s set at Magnetic Fields and in front of the Biskit tent
Aaguu wearing our Cellular Top from our new unreleased collection for his set at the festival
Kartika, in our Eclipse vest and Good Energy hat to watch Young Marco’s set at Magnetic Fields
Nandini on her way to the HVOB set in our Thought Catcher T-shirt and our mini raver bag
Karthika wandering around the festival grounds with our visual vest prototype to give visual pleasure to ravers
Co-founder Harsha Biswajit wearing our Good Energy T-shirt at the Biskit Tent
Biskit eye to get you tripping
Head to our highlights on Instagram to see the full experience. 
To shop our capsule collection, head to the Magnetic Fields page.

Sending you all Good Energy!