In Conversation with Merty Shango

In Conversation with Merty Shango


We caught up with Hip Hop artist, Merty Shango to talk about his journey as a musician and his latest single, TRY US. A great insight into the creative process and what it takes to make it as a successful artist.

Merty Shango is an artist and ghostwritter from Jamaica Queens, New York. In 2019, Merty collaborated with music producer and co-founder of Salt Haus Records, Quazi Mode, on a song titled 'TRY US' where they push the boundaries of hip-hop by creating a new wave of cross-cultural collaboration. To complete their futuristic sound design and vibe that the song portrays, BISKIT was brought into the creative process and we designed all of Merty's outfits for the music video. Some pieces were taken from our 'Spaced Out' Collection while others were custom made for Try Us.




Law of success in 16 lessons - Napoleon Hill

Eat the frog - Brian Tracy

It's all in your head - Russ

How to make it in the music business - Ari HerStand

Talking to strangers - Malcolm Gladwell 



Artwork + EP Cover for Merty Shango x Quazi Mode