In Conversation with Gents

In Conversation with Gents


We caught up with Niels Juhl and Theis Vesterløkke, the duo that make up GENTS to ask a few questions about music, life, their favorite spots in Copenhagen and our recent collaboration with them.
Niels (Left) & Theis (Right), Brooklyn, New York

Just over a year ago we reached out to GENTS wanting to find a way to collaborate with them. Their music was on repeat on our Spotify Brooklyn playlist and we were really digging their chill vibes. It just so happened that they were working on a new album and were also looking to extend their creative vision beyond music. So began the process of developing a capsule collection inspired by their latest album, human connection. The idea was to create a soothing unisex collection of classic styles designed for everyday living. So whether you are at home, on the streets or on the dance floor, together we wanted to inspire you to move, dream, love, and most importantly forge a HUMAN CONNECTION.


HARSHA BIS (BISKIT): Firstly, how did GENTS come into being? Was it a moment that brought you guys together or was it more of an evolution? 


GENTS: It was destiny - Theis was in a need for someone to be the diva he wasn’t, and Niels, being completely computer-dyslexic, was on a desperate hunt for a tech-savvy friend to produce the drumbeats of his heart. We both needed someone to channel our creativity through. Music is no good if isn’t shared. In our case, this also applies to the creative process. 


BISKIT: It is interesting you mention the idea of sharing music. Has technology changed the way you make music considering in today’s day and age you can publish and share music instantly to the whole world? Could you also tell us a little bit about your journey so far and how you guys collaborate on the music making process? 


GENTS: The Internet has definitely enabled a new way of sharing. This also applies to making music together. We have shared online folders of demos and beats, but having said that, we barely make any music without being in the same room at the same time. We have an enormous body of samples, digital synths etc. on our computers, which we are very dependent on. That’s the most tangible example of how technology has changed the music making process—we can go anywhere and make our music. However, if there is one thing, we have learned from being a releasing and touring band, it is that nothing works as effectively as the good ol’ mouth-to-mouth version of growing an audience as a band. Get out there, play the shows and talk to people.


Image c/o Dennis Morton


GENTS | Artwork c/o Harsha Biswajit

BISKIT: Talking about collaborations, we were very excited to be working with you guys on a capsule collection for your new album, HUMAN CONNECTION. What is the soul of this new album - What are you trying to say?

GENTS: Well, right back at ya! <3 Human Connection is an album about reaching out, coming clean and trying to be an empathetic human being in a confusing, technologically dependent world. It is through companionship and mutual respect that we grow our personalities. It can be easy to forget this, when everyone else just becomes an avatar or an username on your phone. Technology is not evil, but, personally, we are in a constant need of reminding ourselves and each other not to get too caught up in the endless scrolls and infinite feeds out there. 

GENTS | Artwork c/o Harsha Biswajit


Original Artwork inspired by ‘Smoke Machine’, from the album HUMAN CONNECTION



BISKIT: You guys certainly have a distinct style whether it be your sound, music videos, imagery, and even your clothes. Where do you draw inspiration for the GENTS aesthetic?


GENTS: Thanks! That’s very nice of you to say. We think that honesty and staying true to yourself is key. Style comes from within. It is not your business what others might think of you <3 Having that attitude is definitely easier said than done. So we are very inspired by people, who actually manage to keep it real and are relaxed about themselves. 



BISKIT: How was the music scene like in Copenhagen when you were growing up? Was it different is it to today’s scene? I guess what I’m trying to understand is what inspired you guys to become musicians? 


GENTS: As children we loved these bizarre acts, such as Cartoons and Safri Duo. None of these would’ve made it today. They are both REALLY great, but there is a different serious attitude in today’s music in Denmark - We weren’t only inspired by local acts. We grew up with the Internet, which has definitely enabled music to flourish way more freely across time and space.


BISKIT: One of our favourite songs is the Young Again (Spirit Mix), which has a really interesting Indian influence to it. How did that come about? 


GENTS: Theis celebrated New Years 2017/2018 at a 10-day silent meditation retreat center in India. As you can imagine, this is a very emotionally substantial experience that only can make a huge impact on your life. In the wake of his visit in India, we had a long (and still ongoing) discussion of a very new age-y nature. It only seemed natural to implement this life-changing experience in our music.

Image c/o Dennis Morton


BISKIT: Finally, if I visited Copenhagen tomorrow, what is the first place I should go to for a good cup of coffee, a wild cocktail and the best meal in town? 


GENTS: Take the coffee at Heimdalsgade 22, grab the cocktail at Friheden, and visit Baka d’busk for a heavenly vegetarian meal.