BISKIT, Est. 2017


Our Story

First conceptualized by siblings Shruti Biswajit and Harsha Biswajit in Brooklyn, NY, BISKIT started as an experiment to merge the worlds of fine art and contemporary design to create an expression that is uniquely BISKIT. By blending elements of craftsmanship with avant-garde visuals, our pieces are not simply garments—they are wearable sculptures each one imbued with its own unique story.

Everything that comes out of our studio is gender-neutral, handcrafted with care and limited to a maximum of 21 editions per style. Our mission is to challenge industrial standards of gender and mass production by breaking the duality of menswear and womenswear and creating limited-edition, high quality, responsibly produced pieces that can be worn by anyone.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as a space for creative collaboration and future thinking that explores without compromise, ideas, concepts, and experiences across the worlds of art and design.

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Our Philosophy

Being conscious of how much we produce and consume as a society is something that we have cared about right from the beginning. This reflects throughout BISKIT with a conscious effort made towards working with sustainable fabrics and materials in addition to limited production levels.

All our pieces are handcrafted in the BISKIT studio in Madras, India. 

21 Editions or Less


Designing unisex garments allows us to cut traditional production quantities in half because we do not have to make duplicates of the same pieces to fit men and women individually. Our limited size variations also reflect this idea with the aim of reducing how much we produce. This means that we have taken a lot of care, time and research to determine a fit that works well across different forms. Instead of seeing this as a limitation, we embrace the fact that our garments will look different from person to person, and that's ok. That's what makes a BISKIT piece unique. That’s what makes you unique. 

We only make single-edition pieces (1/1) or a maximum of 21 editions of every style. We want our focus to be on quality and we want you to know exactly how many pieces we make each year. We may decide to stop production of a particular style at anytime before reaching 21 editions.

Every piece is tagged with either a 'Special Edition' Label, so that you know there is only 1 of this in the world, or edition labels 1 – 21 stitched into the garment. In addition, when you buy a BISKIT piece you will receive a physical certificate of authenticity with information about the print details, year, and other garment information.

The materials we use are of the highest quality and are carefully considered towards working with organic, recycled, repurposed and deadstock fabrics. 



Our vision is to create a world where we consume less, and instead use what we have longer. Since all our pieces are unisex, they are designed to be shared with your closest family and friends irrespective of gender, because they can.

A BISKIT piece breaks the archaic industrial concept that pre determines the gender of a fabric even before you have the freedom to choose for yourself.

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Concept Driven


Everything that we make in the studio is always connected to the concepts we are exploring at the time. As of 2023, the two concepts that guide our creative vision are:




Inspired by the nature of impossible objects,the Biskit logo seeks to challenge the perception of the viewer by bringing two perspectives into one form. If you look closely, the perspective of the rectangle changes from top to bottom.

The idea of the symbol is to communicate the unisex, singular nature of our design ethos by merging menswear & womenswear into one symbol; one identity.