This digital life is slowly frying our brains and we must make a conscious effort to disconnect. When we wake up, our brain automatically gets connected to the world - we check our emails, messages, the news and before we know it, we're online mindlessly swiping through photos or videos of complete strangers for hours. We feel our mind getting sucked into this black hole of superfluous information and there's no escaping or way out.

We must generate the right waves and frequencies to bring us back to a more meditative and calm state of mind. 


Biskit Waves

Frequency : Unlimited Hz

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The Biskit state is the most desirable state. When we tune into this frequency, we attain total subconscious awareness. We enter a state of unlimited creativity and potential. 

Our world is the mirror of the subconscious mind. 

 A network of billions of neurons, close to as many stars as there are in the Milky Way, constantly receive and transmit information to shape our very experience of the world.Become aware of them. They will help you disconnect.

Our 'Thought Catcher' was conceptualized and developed by our creative director Harsha Biswajit. Its geometric form and abstract nature were digitally created in 2020 for the MIND concept. The Thought Catcher is a fictional inner being found in the Biskit Universe that bursts into action when our minds are at their most restless. Its sole purpose is to facilitate a calm and peaceful mind. It does so by keeping our thoughts from bouncing around by catching them with the palm of its hands as they materialize.