• My Brain is Fried Mesh Jacket
  • My Brain is Fried Mesh Jacket
  • My Brain is Fried Mesh Jacket
  • My Brain is Fried Mesh Jacket
  • My Brain is Fried Mesh Jacket
  • Embroidered ‘on’ symbol / 4th patch- Embroidered ‘off’ symbol
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  • our size guide for more information on how to check your measurements. Chest is 48”, length is 28”, shoulder is 22.5”, sleeve length is 25”. *All Measurements in Inches.

My Brain is Fried Mesh Jacket

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The high collar Air Mesh Jacket features a front zipper, asymmetrical printed patches on the front and back, embroidered patches on the front and side sleeves, contrast piping and front pockets. This Mesh Jacket is sewn with recycled polyester thread, made from PET bottles - OEKO certified 

This piece comes with a special edition tag inside the garment.





STYLE : Unisex, Drop Shoulder

FIT : Slightly Oversized - Please refer to our size guide.

MAIN : 100% Polyester Air Mesh

LINING : The asymmetrical patches are lined with 100% cotton leftover from our SPACE concept.

CARE: Dry clean only


Each patch is carefully hand-stitched into place and then sewn in. The patterns for this jacket are hand drawn, hand cut and finally assembled together by our studio tailor. The process takes up to 4 days from cutting to finished garment. It also features a special edition tag inside the garment.   

Male model is 6’ ft/ 182 cm and Female model is 5’ ft 4" /165 cm and both are wearing O/S (One Size).


One Size: Chest - 48" ; Length - 28" ; Shoulder - 22.5" ; Sleeve Length - 25"

*All Measurements in Inches. 

We do not follow standard sizing - Please refer to our size guide for more information on how to check your measurementsWe are very happy to advise you on fitting, so feel free to contact us with any sizing queries.


This digital life is slowly frying our brains and we must make a conscious effort to disconnect. When you wake up, your brain automatically gets connected to the world - you check your emails, messages, the news and before you know it, you’re online mindlessly swiping through photos or videos of complete strangers for hours. You feel your mind getting sucked into this black hole of superfluous information and there's no escaping or way out. 

Your brain, which is like your hard drive, gets overheated and eventually fried.

We must generate the right waves and frequencies to bring us back to a more meditative and calm state of mind. ~ ENTER...THE BISKIT WAVES ~

A network of billions of neurons, close to as many stars as there are in the Milky Way, constantly receive and transmit information to shape our very experience of the world.

Become aware of them. They will help you disconnect. 

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