Berlin City Guide

Berlin City Guide


Holzmarkt is basically a cluster of food stalls and bars that offers a spot to unwind with friends or by yourself after a long day of work. Located by the river, it has great riverside views and it’s the perfect place to order a drink or some food and sit back to enjoy the stunning Berlin sunsets. It’s definitely one of those spots we don’t miss every time we’re in Berlin, so we highly recommend you check this spot out if you’re in the city.




Berlin is a city recognised for its rave-culture and is the home to some of the best techno clubs in the world. Our favourite happens to be Sisyphos, a club housed in a former factory with a large open-air area. Unlike the infamous Berghain with a strict dress and door policy, Sisyphos is comparatively more casual. It’s common to see people dressed in colour, unlike other techno clubs in Berlin, but it still can be relatively hard to get into on the weekends. The space inside is massive, with multiple rooms with different types of music and even food carts which makes it feel more like a music festival rather than a club. So, if you’re in Berlin and you want to experience a techno club, Sisyphos is a great place to start.




Admiralbrücke is a bridge located in the Kreuzberg district and it spans over the Landwehr Canal and is known for its lively and multi-cultural atmosphere. The bridge is a popular place for locals and tourists, especially during the summer months when you can see people getting a drink or food from nearby bar and food stands and just lounging around the bridge with their friends. It’s also not uncommon to see young, underground artists performing or painting during the evenings.



Park am Gleisdreieck

If you’ve looking for a space to chill in the summer evenings, we highly recommend Park am Gleisdreieck. The sunsets in this park are fantastic and it’s a great spot to hang with your friends, binging on pizza and beer with some chill music around sunset. The park by itself is really beautiful, so it’s a great place to check out if you’re around the Kreuzberg area. Interestingly, Kreuzberg became a hotspot for counterculture after the berlin Wall came down, and it now has a great collection of museums, galleries, restaurant and bars.



Voo store

Located in Kreuzberg, Voo Store is our favourite concept store in Berlin. It features an excellent curation of high‑fashion clothes, footwear, sneakers, accessories, books and objects. The street on which the store sits attributes itself to its unique and progressive approach to contemporary fashion. It also has seating, from where you can work/read along with a coffee from its in-house café, further enhancing the store’s retail experience. They have exceptionally friendly staff who are more than willing to help you with whatever you need. The space is a great way to meet people from different creative backgrounds in the city and we highly recommend you check this out if you’re in Berlin.



Boros Collection

A beautiful Nazi-era building that was once a war bunker, soviet prison and even an S&M club at some point. The Boros Collection is a museum that includes works from international artists such as Ai Weiwei, Olafur Eliasson, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Damien Hirst, among others. The collection is known for its focus on large-scale installations and immersive art experiences. The bunker's concrete walls and unique architecture also add to the overall atmosphere of the collection. It’s open to the public and offers guided tours of the collection. However, keep in mind that due to the limited space inside the bunker, visits are only possible by prior reservation.



Studio 183

Biskit was previously stocked in this fascinating boutique concept store, Studio 183, that initially began as an experimental pop-up shop. It has now grown into a space that integrates design, fashion and art with an evolving selection of international and Berlin-based artists and designers. Located in Bikini Mall in Budapester Straße, the store also provides a platform to young designers to sell their work in a curated retail context. We highly recommend that you visit the store and meet the amazing, passionate people behind it and also stop by the Zoological Garden right next door.



Dark Matter 

Dark Matter is a modern art museum that features light, audio-visual and interactive installations with 7 different rooms offering 7 different experiences. Take your time walking around the rooms to explore the space and take in all the different lights and sounds. It should approximately take you around 90 minutes, but we do recommend you go on less popular/crowded days to beat the crowd to have a more relaxed and un-rushed experience inside.




Explore Superconscious’s new space in Mitte, a cool streetwear store featuring an intriguing collection of clothing, accessories, objects, and books. If you’re someone that is interested in fashion, this store is a great space to understand Berlin style featuring a wide curation of pieces from brands worldwide. Some of the brands you can find here are MM6 Maison Margiela, Chimi, Perks and Mini, Gast, A-Cold-Wall, Vitaly etc. The best part is, you can take a quick stroll and explore the other interesting shops around the area to make the most of your afternoons.



Noir Tattoo

Noir is a super nice tattoo studio with incredible creative energy and talented artists. It has a great team that welcomes you and helps turn your vague ideas into your dream tattoo. If you’re looking to get yourself a tattoo anytime in the near future, and you live in/visiting Berlin, you should drop this place a visit.



Do you read me?

Located in Berlin Mitte, Do you read me? is a beautiful little book store with a unique and wide range of English and German books covering design, art, fashion, photography and culture to name a few. It aims to celebrate independent publishing and has become a cult destination for printed matter in Berlin. You can go in there and spend hours just browsing through their impeccable collection and it is impossible to walk out without buying yourself a book or two. It’s also a cool place to meet people in the creative space in Berlin or other bookworms like you.