Founded in 2017 by siblings Shruti and Harsha Biswajit, BISKIT is a unisex concept label based in Berlin and Madras that explores a futuristic aesthetic with a minimal and functional sense of design.

Our focus is to challenge industrial standards of gender and mass production by breaking the duality of menswear and womenswear and creating limited-edition, responsibly produced pieces that can be worn by anyone.

Everything that comes out of our studio is hand made, tells a story and is limited to a maximum of 21 editions per style.

Our vision is to establish BISKIT as a space for creative collaboration and future thinking that explores without compromise, ideas, concepts, and experiences across the worlds of art and design.


Inspired by the nature of impossible objects,the Biskit logo seeks to challenge the perception of the viewer by bringing two perspectives into one form. If you look closely, the perspective of the rectangle changes from top to bottom. The idea of the symbol is to communicate the unisex, singular nature of our design ethos by merging menswear & womenswear into one symbol; one identity.

As part of our new initiative to limit our production levels, we have decided to only make either single-edition pieces (one-offs) or a maximum of 21 editions of every style from any piece made from concept 2 onwards. We want our focus to be on quality and we want you to know exactly how many pieces we make each year. This is our way of being transparent and responsible.

If its not a single edition style, every piece you buy from us will have an edition label from 1 – 21 stitched into the garment.

We may decide to stop production of a particular style at anytime before reaching 21 editions. When we do so, we will update how many editions of these pieces exist in the world.


Our super limited one-off pieces will be tagged with a Special Edition Label stitched into the garment so that you know there is only 1 of this in the world.

All our limited edition pieces are handmade in our studio in Madras, India.