Berlin Food Guide

Berlin Food Guide

Hallesches Haus

A cute little café for brunch with coffee, wine, and food. It’s well-lit with an industrial design and has an open space with a super cool vibe. It’ll soon be one of your favorite cafés in Berlin to work from, given you like a bit of the bustling noise as it can get pretty busy – that’s when you know it’s good.

Our recommendation - The Hallesches Haus Brunch



Liu Chuan Chuan Xiang Nudelhaus

Surprisingly great bowl of Sichuan noodles in Berlin Mitte. It’s a small Chinese noodle place (open only from 11:00 – 3:00 PM) with incredible food and great service. It's known for serving delicious and authentic Sichuan-style noodle dishes, including spicy beef noodles, dan dan noodles, and a variety of other options. However, it can get quite busy during the lunch rush but it’s definitely worth the short wait.

Our recommendation‑ The Shengjiao Beef Noodles



Picoteo restaurant and Tapas bar

A special restaurant near the river in Kreuzberg with a very cozy vibe. It only gets better from there with amazing Tapas doubled with excellent service. You have options to sit inside or outside in a beautiful garden. However, they only accept cash, so keep that in mind before paying the place the visit that it deserves. Also remember to make a reservation one day before your visit as its almost always full. 

Our recommendation – Patatas Bravas



Kimchi Princess

Kimchi Princess is a popular Korean restaurant located in the Kreuzberg neighborhood. It is known for serving delicious and authentic Korean food, including various types of Korean barbecue such as bulgogi and galbi, as well as bibimbap, kimchi pancakes, and other popular Korean dishes. The restaurant is spacious with interesting red lighting that definitely added to the dining experience.

Our recommendation – Korean BBQ (and ask for extra gochujang)



Long March Canteen

On of our favourite restaurants in the Kreuzberg area, Long March Canteen is the most consistent place with great food every single day. We highly recommend this place if you’re taking somebody new to dinner and can’t risk experimenting with your choice. They have a huge variety of dim sums that just don’t disappoint.

Our recommendation – Pork Bely with Pak Choi



Kink Bar and Restaurant

An amazing option for cocktails! The restaurant itself is very interesting and is massive with different rooms ‑ the main bar with seating, a separate restaurant area, and outdoor seating that’s perfect for warmer nights. It's about genuine quality and creative combinations of ingredients that make this a unique experience. Overall we loved the vibe of this place, and we highly recommend it! 

Our recommendation – Beef Carpaccio (The menu keeps changing)



Das Gretel

Das Gretel offers a menu inspired by German and Austrian cuisine, with a modern twist. Some of their signature dishes include Wiener Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn (a sweet shredded pancake), and Flammkuchen (a type of German pizza). They also have a good selection of craft beers, wines, and cocktails and offer an amazing brunch and coffee. The space is cozy, with a mix of vintage and modern elements. Overall, if you're looking for a great place for food and drinks, Das Gretel is definitely worth it.

Our recommendation – Eggs Benedict with Salmon




This restaurant specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza. In addition to pizza, Zola also serves a variety of antipasti, salads, and homemade pasta dishes. They are also known for their great selection of natural wines, which are sourced from small-scale producers in Italy and other parts of Europe. In short, It’s the best pizza we ever ate in Berlin. If you like Italian food and are looking for some great pizza and wine, Zola is definitely worth checking out.

Our recommendation – Bufalina Pizza




If you had dinner at Kimchi princess, head over to this little gelateria that is a short walk from the restaurant. It has Sicilian gelato that just never fails to amaze. They use high-quality ingredients including Sicilian pistachios and offer a variety of unique flavours like ricotta and fig. They also have a few vegan and lactose-free options for those who are looking for it. 

Our recommendation – The Pistacchio and Chocolate combo



Five elephant

Five Elephant is a well-known coffee roastery and bakery with great coffee and a small range of biscuits, cakes, and cheesecake. They have a variety of single-origin and blended coffee options, as well as speciality drinks like cortados, lattes, and pour-overs. The space is bright and spacious with a minimalist design which makes it a great way to spend your afternoons if you’re around the Kreuzberg area.

Our recommendation – Coffee and cheesecake




It’s a super cute hole‑in‑the‑wall sort of place with a window that makes you want to go in and find out what’s going on. After drinking a lot of coffee in Berlin, it’s safe to say that Concierge has the best coffee in the city.

Our recommendation – Flat White Coffee



Unsre Kneipe

A German restaurant with great local food and genuinely nice staff which definitely added to our experience there. The space by itself is super welcoming and non-touristy with a great menu of authentic German food and drinks.

Our recommendation ‑ the Schnitzel